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What do you do when your insurance won’t pay?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | First-Party Property Insurance Claims

You buy insurance with the intention to use it if something happens to your property. After all, if insurance isn’t going to cover your losses, then there would be no purpose to having it.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are in the business to make money, not to lose it. As a result, some may attempt to delay or drag out the length of a claim to make you drop it and move on without getting the benefits that you’re entitled to. Doing this is called being in bad faith and can lead to your bad-faith insurance lawsuit.

What should you do if you file a claim but aren’t getting a response?

When you initially file your claim, you should get a response with a claim ID. Once you have that, the insurance company should follow up with you and take steps to investigate your claim.

If you find that the insurance company is not responding to you, isn’t following up or isn’t proceeding with an investigation, then the company may be intentionally delaying the insurance claim. If the insurer does come back and state that your claim was denied despite it being a situation covered by your policy, then you may still have a claim against them for acting unreasonably.

Our website has more information on bad-faith insurance claims and what you should do if your insurance company does not want to provide you with the benefits that you are entitled to. You pay for the policy you have, so as long as the damage is within the terms of the agreement, there is no reason that an insurance company should try to deny your claim. If they do, they could be in violation of the law.

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